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Head vs Heart–Deciding My Future

As I’m sitting in my apartment, watching the SNOWtorious B.I.G. fall through my window, I am dividing my time into two equal parts: watching Disney movies on VHS and obsessing over my Czech plans. What better way to spend my blizzard weekend?

After speaking with my advisor this evening, my latest question to answer is about my timeline. Do I stay the course and take my TEFL class in Prague or online while making money at home?

I have to admit that logical decision-making is not always my strong suit, especially when it comes to myself. A few examples–I decided to major in Theater (my first love) instead of something responsible like Business. I decided to go to a private university out of state instead of saving money by going in-state. I decided to transfer from that university going into my senior year, adding an addition 2 years to my collegiate career. Even with all of that, I have no regrets!

No regrets! (Especially at Goose Fest!)

No regrets! (Especially at Goose Fest!)

I try to balance my head and my heart, but more often than not, my heart usually wins. (Hey, there are worse things!) But since this decision will boil down to finances, I have to make sure I’m being at least semi-responsible…

I’ve certainly done my homework–I’ve made a budget, I’ve made a spreadsheet of my finances and savings, I’ve scoured the internet for one-way flight deals, researched the most animal-friendly airlines, even looked up the entry requirements for Arya to enter the Czech Republic. With all of that, I had my heart set on arriving at a certain date so I could live in Prague and get acclimated to the city before taking a teaching job. After speaking with my advisor, taking the online class before I go would save me a considerable amount of moolah.

So here I am, trying to figure out if I should follow my heart (and my gut) and take the class in Prague or be fiscally responsible in the long run and take the class online. Hmmm…decisions, decisions!

I guess time will only tell which I decide!


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