Yes, And… Adventure!


In the world of theater and improvisation, there is a principle called “Yes, and…”

“Yes, and…” is a very simple premise. You (yes, you) should a.) accept what the other person has created and b.) add something to it.  Whether it be that you are an octopus who only likes grilled cheeses or two people standing at the alter exchanging vows, you are agreeing to the situation and adding something to the narrative.

I feel like this is a great philosophy in life as well.  We will always be faced with situations and challenges that we may have preferred to avoid, but by saying “yes” and adding to your own personal story, you are a full participant in your own life!


I try to live my life by saying “YES”. It’s scary, and most of the time you’re not sure how it’s going to pan out, but it’s better than standing still while your life goes on around you.

My goal is to inspire others to live a life full of “Yes, and…” so we can all make the scene happening before us a bit more interesting!